God, Revive Gravois Park Neighborhood

Hello there!

Will you please join with me in praying for God’s will to be done.

Lily and I have been searching for a commercial property to rent near midtown Saint Louis City. We have been asking God if He would place us near the center of the city so that we might be of influence there for His sake and for the good of the people living nearby and in the surrounding neighborhoods. In our searching we have found a spot at 2755 Chippewa Street. The property is still under construction and is set to go on the market sometime in May or June. Upon hearing of its soon to be availability, we drove by to inspect the place and the surrounding area.

We loved what we saw! The building space is roughly 600 square feet, and has large windows facing the front and on its side. This commercial space is positioned at the corner of Chippewa and California, two blocks from Cherokee Street and Gravois Park.

Our purpose in praying to have a physical location is to open a ministry center and outlet to evangelize to and enact good works in that particular area. As I️ mentioned earlier, we were searching for a place near midtown so that we might be at the center of downtown, however after seeing 2755 and the city’s desire to revitalize this part of town, we are hopeful God will put us there.

When I arrived home, I searched for information regarding the revitalizing of Chippewa Street and Gravois Park Neighborhood. The few articles that I️ read inspired me all the more.

Gravois Park Neighborhood has the densest population (12,000 people per square mile) of any other neighborhood in Saint Louis City. There is so much potential for good to come to those people through this project and Talk To Jesus wants to be a part of it!

Will you please have a look at the articles I read and ask God to inspire you to pray for the people living in the Gravois Park neighborhood? Will you ask him to revive this area of Saint Louis? Will you also pray for Talk To Jesus to align itself with God’s will regarding our desire to have a ministry center and outlet? And will you pray for us as we pursue 2755 Chippewa Street?

Your prayers mean everything to us. May God continue to bless you with an impassioned heart for Him.

Everything in Jesus’ name,

Pastor Bobby